Automated Import/Export (Scheduler) Documentation


Automated Product Import addon allows you to automate product import from internal or external sources into your store. Whereas Automated Product Export addon provides an opportunity to configure the automatic export of your store's products to other sources. So you can automatically synchronize your products with your wholesale partner. All you need is properly configured Automated Product Import/Export. These Addons will automatically perform this time consuming task without your intrusion.

Automated Product Import (Automater Product Export) is Store Manager addon, which means, that it is a part of Store Manager (it is already built-in software) and should be registered with a separate license key. So in order to use the addon you have to install and register Store Manager first.

Please note, that Automated Product Export addon and Automated Product Import addon have the same license key. To activate the first enough to register Automated Product Import from the addon's list in Preferences section of Store Manager.

Here are few steps to start quickly:

  1. Install Store Manager on your PC or laptop and register using Store Manager license key
  2. Launch Store Manager and set up connection to your store database (F12). Set up FTP connection settings to be able to upload images.
  3. Register Automated Product Import Plugin (F12 -> Plugins tab)
  4. Set up import/export settings:
    • Prepare .csv file
    • Set up all required settings for the import/export
    • Run demo import/export to check the result
  5. Set up Automated Schedule
  6. Check your task in the Scheduled Tasks


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Getting Started

Automated product import installation and registration

Import Settings

Prepare.csv file and setup import settings