2. Quick Start Guide

Automated Product Import is Store Manager addon, that means, that it is a part of Store Manager (it is already built-in the software) and should be registered with a separate license key. So in order to use the addon you have to install and register Store Manager and set up all required settings first.

In order to start using Automated Product Import addon you have to go through the following steps:

  1. Order Store Manager Application
  2. Install Store Manager on your PC or laptop and register using Store Manager license key
  1. Launch Store Manager and set up connection to your store database (F12). Set up FTP connection settings to be able to upload images.
  2. Order Automated Product Import Plugin.
  3. Register Automated Product Import Plugin using Automated Product Import License key (F12 -> Plugins tab).
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  1. Set up import settings:
    • Prepare .csv file - Please, make sure that your .csv file contains all necessary fields and all data you need. If your vendor provides you with the product list in Excel, you can convert your Excel files to the CSV format within the Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice application by using the "Save As" option. You can then access the Save As dialogue box which contains a list of alternative file formats. Among the offered file extensions, you can find Text CSV file format. By saving your file into CSV format, Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice will export the first active worksheet with the correct delimiters.
    • Set up all required settings for the import.
    • Run demo import to check the result.
  2. Set up Automated Schedule.
  3. Check your task in the list of Scheduled Tasks.