2. Add Task To Scheduler


If you want to add export to your Store Manager Scheduler, you must follow few steps:

1. Specify Export settings:

specify export configuration

Configuration name - Select Export configuration from the drop-down, if you have one saved earlier, or use" Create or Modify Import configuration" option to create one.

Create and modify export configuration

Click on "Add Current Export to Scheduler" button to specify task name, time and frequency.

You can choose to Export products Daily, Weekly, Monthly or at once.

Scheduler task

Daily - If you wish to update your inventory daily, specify start time and frequency.

Weekly - If you wish to update your inventory weekly, specify the time, the day of a week and frequency.

Monthly - If you wish to update your inventory monthly, check / uncheck month (s), when you wish to import products, day and start time.

Once - You can update your inventory only once, when it's more comfortable for you.

Task Name - Specify the name of your task, that will be added to/displayed among other Windows scheduled tasks.

Task Name

You can ‘Delete Selected Automated Export Result’, pressing the corresponding button in the ‘Automated Product Export’ window:

Delete configuration