3.2. Add Task To Scheduler


If you want to add export to your Store Manager Scheduler, you should follow these steps:

1. Specify Export settings:

specify export configuration

"Configuration name" - Select Export configuration from the drop-down, if you have one saved earlier, or use the "Create or Modify Import configuration" option to create one.

Create and modify export configuration

< - Click this button to specify the task name, time and frequency.

You can choose to Export products Daily, Weekly, Monthly or at once:

Scheduler task
  • "Daily" - If you wish to update your inventory daily, specify start time and frequency.
  • "Weekly" - If you wish to update your inventory weekly, specify the time, the day of a week and frequency.
  • "Monthly" - If you wish to update your inventory monthly, check / uncheck month (s), when you wish to import products, day and start time.
  • "Once" - You can update your inventory only once, when it's more comfortable for you.

"Task name" - Specify the name of your task, that will be added to/displayed among other Windows scheduled tasks.

Task Name

To [Delete] Selected Automated Export Result press the corresponding button in the "Automated Product Export" window:

Delete configuration